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Musician in Schizophrenia, Instrumentalist, Solo Artist

For around fifteen years, I have been making music seriously. As a child I was playing the recorder, and later in my youth I started with the guitar. Soon, I tried to improvise. That I am playing nearly every instrument already shows that there is great interest in music. Out of jamming, a particular style has evolved. Now, I can set some improvisation over an existing improvisation with another instrument. For some time, my focus has been on Video Blogs that give me the opportunities to report from instrumental developments or write about present situations that happen musically. My audience is still very small, but that does not say that the music is bad. There is always much to do, especially because many techniques need some refinement, here and there. Music makes me think a lot.

Describing Music

20180411 – Musical overtones are a therapy for the ears.
20180223 – Music should bear aesthetics also.
20180216 – Music is highly social.
20180131 – Music has an eye for the attractive.
20180123 – Music dreams you a nice day.
20171020 – Music can help in a decision.
20170823 – Music should be respected.
20170523 – Music has nothing to do with the police.
20161030 – Music lets the people dance.
20160906 – Music should not be political.
20160225 – Music is often only aside nowadays.
20160205 – Music should be taken seriously.
20151102 – Music is remembered somehow.
20150908 – Music gives opportunities.
20150703 – Music helps one’s spirit.
20150408 – Music can be extreme.
20150313 – Music is friendly.
20150301 – Music uses one’s time and energy.
20150103 – Music is like a book containing a story.
20141226 – Music opens conversation maybe.
20141215 – Music is sometimes stressful.
20141212 – Music can halt the world.
20141204 – Music is a form of expression.
20141023 – Music finds the way.
20140930 – Music should be the pace of joy.
20140910 – Music can be a passion for life.
20140827 – Music protects oneself from aggression.
20140813 – Music makes me beautiful.
20140714 – Music gives me a meaning.
20140612 – Music makes silence melodious.
20140523 – Music is strong.
20140327 – Music is not everything.
20140326 – Music is not always a language.
20140321 – Music points its eye.
20140206 – Music finds a word.
20140126 – Music contains structure.


I am at the moment listening to:
Joss Stone, Sade Adu, Frank Zappa, Janet Jackson, Dweezil Zappa, Marley Music, and such. Also, because of interest, I am listening to all sorts of musicians on Twitter.

I am using music products made by:

All these instruments I am playing regularly:
Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Alto Recorder, Drums/Percussion, Violin, Trumpet, Maracas, Claves, Finger Cymbals, Mini Bongos, Saxophone, Flute, Glockenspiel, Harmonica, Guiro, Shakers, Juggling Balls, and Castanets.


Tom J. Change on 'ReverbNation'


Attention, Warning

Perhaps, my music is not right for people with some mental illness.
The suitable age for listening and watching is 21 and above.
This music can cause daydreaming when one is driving a vehicle.


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Thomas Neubauer